HW Sales

Contact us! You will be surprised to see that our focus is on our customers and their needs.

Buy what you need, not what the OEM tells you to buy.

At A Systems, we provide our customers with the kind of personal attention that has earned us a reputation as a trusted advisor. We know that when you purchase IT equipment, you don’t want to buy just hardware, software and storage. You want to buy a technological solution that will address your business’ demands.
So, we offer a complete line of legacy and new server, storage and library equipment and upgrades. Our inventory includes the most popular products from all major OEMs, including current and previous generation rack mount and blade servers. We provide fully configured servers and storage solutions to meet any requirements.
And more, we pre-assemble and customize all HW and SW components at our local laboratory. Equipment arrives at your door fully tested and configured; deployable out of the box. Whether it’s creating LUNS and volume groups, preloading desired patch bundles or configuring hard and virtual partitioning, with A Systems as your IT hardware provider, solutions are completely customized to your specific HW & SW requirements.