Rental program (HAAS)

Here are some features and advantages

A smart alternative to buying or leasing.

At A Systems, our rental program is more than just machines. We focus on high-end, mission-critical equipment, such as servers, SW, data storage devices and networking equipment.
With vast inventory, we can get you the equipment or part you need, when you need it and for as long as you need it at a fraction of the cost of buying or leasing.
Why Rent?
If you have never considered renting servers, storage or networking equipment and parts (like up-grades); it might be the right time, especially if you are:

  • Peak Usage or Short-Term Projects: Renting is a cost-effective option if you only need the equipment for a short time
  • Software Testing, Proof-of-Concept & Virtualization: Rentals let you test whether a new hardware or software solution will work in your data center before you purchase it
  • Data Center Migration: Rentals can keep your data center operational during a move
  • Disaster Recovery: In the event of a disaster or an unplanned outage, rentals can keep your business running until your own equipment is backed up
  • Some tax advantages once Rental is a service
  • Use your cash to invest in your business and pay the HW infrastructure monthly!

Contact us today to learn how our Rental Program can lower your IT costs!