After the sale of part of its operation in Brazil, one of the largest financial institutions in the world faced the challenge of creating a 200TB environment to enable the migration of data to the acquiring bank.
The environment was mission critical and required, in addition to online replication of data, high performance, high availability and total security.
After understanding the customer's needs, we leased 2 high-end Storages, installed in two different sites.
In this project the technical, performance, redundancy, safety and compliance objectives were met.
After the mission was completed both Storages were returned.


Cosmetics company was aiming to reactivate several servers, including some of Fujitsu, who were stopped for lack of components, because the manufacturer had no more parts and upgrades.
A pre-sales work was carried out that allowed the understanding of which parts would be necessary for the servers to work perfectly again. Once the technical identification of the required parts was made, a detailed list of items and activities was elaborated.
After some testing, installation in the environment and guarantee of functionality, the customer significantly reduced its investments (in approximately 90%), because with the purchase of the upgrade it was not necessary to purchase several new servers. This strategy extended the use of the company's IT resources.


One of the largest textile industries in the world needed to migrate its internal ERP infrastructure that serves Latin America (Brazil, Argentina, Peru, and Colombia) to a secure environment with more performance and scalability in order to optimize IT management and reduce costs.
Since it is a Leasing client of A Systems, the migration of the physical server environment to the new virtualized environment was done with relative ease, security and speed.
The project involved migrating a number of physical AIX RISC servers and data volume to a high-performance virtualized environment within a Tier 3 Datacenter with minimal business impact. All in the service model.
The Customer is very satisfied since it has had all its technical needs met, obtaining a reduction of costs of the order of 30%, significant improvement in quality of service, performance, security, availability, reduction in service time and solution of problems (SLA).


A reference company in the supermarket sector in the State of São Paulo with more than 50 stores and 9,000 employees, it was looking for a partner that could guarantee the availability of its IT environment with several large equipment.
After a study and understanding of the client's business needs, a customized service proposal was elaborated involving equipment maintenance contracts (Power RISC / x86 Servers, Storages, SAN Switches and Backup Units) as well as Environmental Monitoring with SLA 24 x 7 x 365.
The highly successful partner has existed for more than 5 years and has enabled the customer to reduce costs by more than 30% in addition to bringing improvements in service quality, reduced service time, problem solving (SLA) and customized management reports customer decisions.